The Puranik Foundation

The Puranik Foundation is a 5013c nonprofit organization based in India and headquartered in Houston, Texas. Puranik Foundation offers a range of programs from studying abroad at our campus in India, to internships related to sustainability through youth activism.

It is the Corporate Social Responsibility of Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM), a design and manufacturing hub for the energy sector.

A nonprofit that believes in education, sustainable living & mindfulness.


Once a year, we host a study abroad program, Impact India inviting high school students from Houston to create a local impact in India through mindfulness, practicing sustainable living, and exploring cross-cultural understanding


Our school in India is a self-sustaining living lab, as technologies are developed unique to the site including rainwater retention, biofuel and solar. We are constantly developing better ways to live in harmony with nature.

In Houston, we are hosting The Energy Project, an opportunity to design the future of sustainability through youth activism.


In Houston, we introduce mindfulness into the classroom through classroom clarity to engage educators and students in better supporting mental health in the community


With Us!

We have local volunteering opportunities in Houston, TX, monthly! If you would like to participate, click below to learn more.


Global Leadership Programs

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What is Empathy Research?

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It involves being able to recognize and respond to the emotions of others and putting oneself in someone else's shoes. Empathy is an essential aspect of social interactions and relationships and can help us compassionately connect with others.

How Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Impacts the Classroom

The importance of social and emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom is essential for students’ academic success. The Puranik Foundation is implementing this program into our Classroom Clarity curriculum to improve the journey of how students learn in school and beyond.

Happy Holi!

Anyone who grew up in India would remember the Spring festival of Holi as one of childhood's most unforgettable precious memories. Think paintball, street version. An inventory of weapons - water balloons, water blasters, and powdered pigments.

What is Permaculture? How Permaculture Design Can Be Applied

Pedro, our lead facilitator and guardian of the land at Terra Alta, said this line that significantly impacted me during my Permaculture Design Course in September 2022. It made me realize that one need not have a piece of land outside the city to live a life that was purposeful and full of care.

11 Society Events That Captured Attention Before the City’s Great Summer Exodus

So many parties, so little time. It’s the same story every April/May when nonprofits scurry to lasso every dollar they can manage before the great summer exodus.

Puranik Foundation Flourishes at Inaugural Lotus Innovation Awards Gala

The Puranik Foundation and more than 400 guests celebrated the first The Energy Project.

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