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The Puranik Foundation is a Nonprofit organization based in India and headquartered in Houston, Texas.

It is the Corporate Social Responsibility of Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) a design and manufacturer of flow equipment valves for the energy sector.

A charitable trust that believes in education, sustainable living & mindfulness.


Vision International Learning Center is our private grade, k-12 residential school for underserved children in Pune, India. The school provides a holistic perspective through English education and extracurricular activities. The school has their own orchestra, sports, and dance teams as well as international exchange programs.

We also offer service leadership programs for Houston area communities that create local impact through mindfulness, practicing sustainable living, and exploring cross-cultural understanding.


Our school in India is a self-sustaining living lab, as technologies are developed unique to the site including rainwater retention, biofuel and solar. We are constantly developing better ways to live in harmony with nature.

In Houston, we are hosting The Energy Project, an opportunity to design the future of sustainability through youth activism.


A remote location among lush trees and beauty that surrounds the serene hills of Pune. Our campus is a place to engage in meditation, reflection and learn practices for conscious living that encompass the self, community and environment.

In Houston, we run programs that introduce mindfulness to educators and the classroom.

Who We Are

The Puranik Foundation is a 501c3 organization headquartered in Houston, Texas that owns and operates a school in Pune, India called Vision International Center. We believe in providing educational opportunities that open minds, stimulate holistic perspectives and inspire transformation. Seated on 27-acres of sustainable land, our school provides private grade education to underserved children grades K-12. This includes housing and meals throughout the week along with a curriculum enriched with nature exploration, mindfulness practices, critical thinking exercises and leadership training.

Puranik Foundation offers a range of programs from studying abroad at our campus in India, to internships related to sustainability through youth activism.

“When I picked my daughter up from the airport she shared that she was not ready to come. She was already making plans to go back to Vision International School and stay for 6 weeks for the Bridge India program”. Cammie shared that the most painful part of her trip was leaving the children behind. My daughter is a better human being because of her time at Impact India. We thank the Puranik Foundation. My family is extremely grateful.”

Shawn Lemmons (Cammie’s Mom)


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