The Puranik Foundation

The Puranik Foundation is a non-profit organization based in India and headquartered in Houston, Texas.

It is the Corporate Social Responsibility of Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) a design and manufacturer of flow equipment valves for the oil and gas business.

A charitable trust that believes in education, sustainable living & wellness.


Vision International Learning Center is a residential school on campus for underserved children in Pune, India. The school provides English education and takes pride in extracurricular activities as part of providing a well-rounded education. The school has their own orchestra, sports, and dance teams as well as international exchange programs.


The Foundation is a self-sustaining living lab, as technologies are developed unique to the site. Rainwater retention ponds help store water from an entire monsoon cycle up to 2 years. Biofuel is a source of cooking gas and solar power provides hot water and security lights. We are constantly developing better ways to live in harmony with nature.


Samarthgad Foundation is the name of our campus in India. A remote location among lush trees and beauty that surrounds the serene hills of Pune. Engage in meditation, reflection and learn practices for conscious living that encompass the body, mind and soul.

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