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We invite you to IMPACT INDIA

A 10-Day Global Service leadership camp offered every summer at the Vision International Learning Center in Pune, India.

HISD students and teachers work alongside K-12 students in India participating in events, experiences that nurture a Holistic Approach to living and decision making. Programming includes leadership, cultural immersion including an introduction to the Hindi language and mindfulness activities.

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June 7th-19th 2023 (travel day’s included)


High School students

Ages 14-18


Pune, India


21 Hours


March 1, 2023

“When Dyani came back home I could see a light in her eyes as she talked about her experience during Impact India. The amazing foods they ate, the friendships she developed were more like family, the activities they participated in and the welcoming spirit of everyone at the Foundation…. I couldn’t be happier that she participated in Impact India - I know it has forever transformed her! “

- Danielle Johnson (Dyani’s mom)

Puranik Foundation
& Houston Independent School District Partnership

Empowering The Next Generation.

We firmly believe in the power of equity and access.

As such, it is our great joy to announce that the Puranik Foundation has donated $50,000 to the HISD Abroad Program

These funds enable Houston students to participate in the Global Service Leadership program we call - Impact India!

This life changing experience allows students to fully immerse in the Indian culture and work with local students at our school called the Vision International Learning Center.

Seated on 27-acres of sustainable land, our school provides private education to underserved children at no cost and in addition, integrates nature, self-reflection, service, critical thinking, leadership, arts and culture into all of its curriculum.

For 10 - days, HISD students will work alongside Vision International Learning Center students K-12 to lead groups, learn the language and culture through India’s festivals, volunteer to teach, explore the city and nature, and grow mindfully.

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We Are Connecting Cultures

This opportunity allows students to explore issues related to development, the environment, poverty, and social inequity from a unique vantage point and return home with a more nuanced understanding of the world.

Students can expect to participate and learn the following:

  • Peer-to-Peer Learning
  • Festivals of India
  • Nature Exploration
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Game Time
  • City Excursions
  • Community Service
  • Language Immersion
  • Journaling and Reflection
  • Life Coaching
  • Yoga and Meditation

“Impact India is so much more than a study abroad program. From the overwhelming outpouring of love we experienced during the welcoming ceremony, to the time we spent learning about the sustainably-minded ideals of simple living practiced by the campus, to the relationships we forged with the delightful students, it was truly an inspirational time I will never forget!“

- Ashley Willett, Director of Development DiscoverU


Impact India

How do I apply?

Applications open on March 1st of 2023. In the meantime we invite you to complete the interest form and follow us on social media! We will reach out to you when the application goes live!

What are the requirements to be accepted into a Puranik Foundation Program?

For Impact India - We consider high school students ages 14-18, who are open minded, have an interested in service, culture and leadership and committed to their academic studies.

For Bridge India - We consider students enrolled in a collegiate institution as well as professors who have an interest in teaching, launching or applying curriculum in a holistic learning environment.

For Insight India - Adults and practitioners interested experiencing a retreat featuring cultural immersion and mindfulness techniques from monks.

Who is the Executive Director of the Puranik Foundation?

Revati “Rani” Puranik is the Executive Director of the Puranik Foundation. She is also co-Owner and Global CFO of Worldwide Oilfield Machine. Her underlying theme is “There’s Always A Way”. A certified Master Coach and mentor, Rani designed and developed the Impact India program to guide young adults in self development through creative expression. A seasoned executive and motivational speaker, she is also a certified yoga instructor and classically-trained Indian vocalist.

What is Impact India all about?

Impact India is a Global Service Leadership Camp featuring events, activities and trips that introduce a holistic way of interacting with people, making decisions and approaching life. We explore concepts of leadership, culture, art, nature, and self-reflection.

Where is the program?

Impact India takes place on the campus of Vision International Learning Center, a school in Pune, India that is owned and operation by the Puranik Foudation. Seated on 27-acres of sustainable land, the school provides private education to underserved children at no cost and in addition, integrates nature, self-reflection, service, critical thinking, leadership, arts and culture into all of its curriculum.

Why should you attend?

To discover new ways of thinking and interacting with people, nature and yourself! If you are interested in personal, academic and career growth this program is for you! At the end of the program you will be awarded a Global Visionary Certificate and 21 service hours that can be used toward graduation, club service hour requirements or to mention on your college application.

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $5000 and includes:

  • Round-trip international airfare on Emirates Airlines
  • Room accommodations for 10 days
  • 3 meals and 3 snacks for 10 days
  • Daily activities, courses, trainings and all corresponding supplies
  • 2 field trips

What is not included in the tuition?

Tuition does not Include:

  • Passport
  • E- Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Discretionary funds

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! It is our great joy to announce that the Puranik Foundation has donated $50,000 to the HISD Abroad Program {HYPERLINK TO HISD ABROAD WEBSITE}. These funds enable 10 Houston students to participate in a Global Service Leadership program we call - Impact India! {INTERNAL HYPERLINK TO IMPACT INDIA PAGE)

Outside of the HISD Abroad Program we are also offering partial scholarships based on need and merit.

Is a deposit required?

Once accepted to our program, students secure their spot on the trip by paying a $300 non-refundable deposit.

Traveling to India

What is Pune, India like?

Check out this awesome video to learn more!

Is Vision International School is a safe campus to visit?

We put our student and visitors health and security at the forefront and take measures to ensure everyone has a safe and fun experience. Our Vision International school sits on 27 acres of private property which is completely gated.

Staff and teacher chaperones accompany students the entire duration of the program. We have a 24-hour Urgent Care clinic on campus run by a doctor.

When we leave campus for field trips students must wear a uniform shirt and accompanied by staff and chaperones. We do not use public transportation in the alternative we charter private transportation for all field trips.

Will the Puranik Foundation help me prepare for our trip?

Yes! The Puranik Foundation hosts a lunch and learn for students and their families. Staff members, hosts and volunteers provide an in-depth overview of how to promote prepare for travel to India. We guide all the families every step of the way.

Do chaperones attend Puranik trips? If so, how do I become one?

Whenever students 18 and below travel with us, chaperones must be present. School faculty and staff from our partner schools are selected and complete a mandatory safety and support training. Each chaperone is be assigned 5-7 students to their group.

Are there dorms on campus?

There are 2 dormitories on site, one for males and one for females. Each room hold 3 or 4 beds and one westernized bathroom to share.

What type of food is served on campus?

A delicious spread of regional organic vegetarian Indian food. Students are served 3 meals and 3 snacks daily featuring fresh fruits, teas, curries, rice, vegetables and freshly made chapatis. The food is prepared with mild spice levels. There are many options when it comes to food so students will surely find a favorite dish.

Can I bring my own food and snacks on the trip?

Yes! As long as they are non-perishable items you are more than welcome to bring your own pre-packaged “comfort food”. Many of our students and teachers bring granola bars, chips, nuts, almond milk that does not require refrigeration.

How will I communicate with my family?

Before the trip begins we create a WhatsApp group and use it frequently to post updates, photos and videos throughout the trip. Students are not required to have an international plan. Students can use their cellphones, phones provided on campus as well as staff cellphones to call and text their families and without paying for an international phone or data plan.

“Impact India is designed to promote authentic cross-cultural exchange and understanding. My students learned to recognize new perspectives and increased their global awareness.”

- Jennifer Kapral, Asia Society, Director of Education and Outreach

For questions please call +1 832 806 1317 or email [email protected]