Community Action

About Community Action

Join Puranik Foundation as we serve the community and work to make our city of Houston a more environmentally friendly place! These events will include planting in community gardens, rehabilitating parks, working with conversation efforts and more. Sign up here!

As some of our activities require you sign a waiver, we ask that you please register prior to attending these opportunities.

If you can’t join us in person but would still like to support our efforts, please consider donating.

Volunteer Day with Urban Harvest

We are back volunteering with Urban Harvest at a local community garden! Come join us as we make a local impact in our community!

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Volunteer Day

Join us as we volunteer with Urban Harvest at a local community garden! Need volunteer hours, want to get involved in your community, looking to better your green thumb? This is the event for you!

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The Energy Project Fundraiser

Join us and support student innovations for alternative energy as we volunteer with Urban Harvest to raise funds for The Energy Project! Get your gardening gloves and sign up today! We have food, drink, and raffle prizes!

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Plant with Puranik Chess Park

3rd Ward Chess Park is a neighborhood pocket park transformed from a vacant lot owned and maintained by local residents. As part of our ongoing community and sustainability initiatives, we created a monarch waystation garden. Come help us expand and maintain the park.

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