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Happy Holi!

Anyone who grew up in India would remember the Spring festival of Holi as one of childhood's most unforgettable precious memories. Think paintball, street version. An inventory of weapons - water balloons, water blasters, and powdered pigments.

What is Permaculture? How Permaculture Design Can Be Applied

Pedro, our lead facilitator and guardian of the land at Terra Alta, said this line that significantly impacted me during my Permaculture Design Course in September 2022. It made me realize that one need not have a piece of land outside the city to live a life that was purposeful and full of care.

How to Preserve Food?

Food preservation is a sustainable method that people can practice to help preserve food while also reducing waste on our planet. Common ways of food preservation we see in dehydrating/drying foods, fermentation, jamming/chutney, and achaar.

Traditional Christmas Recipes to Enjoy this Holiday Season

Culture and traditions are ever evolving. With the advent of the spice trade with India, migration, and curiosities about other worlds, food has evolved with these factors. Today we bring you a family recipe that can be made at home this holiday.

What is Diwali? How and why do we celebrate?

It seems somewhat ironic that Diwali, the ‘festival of lights’ falls on the darkest night of the darkest month in the “Hindu” calendar. The myths & stories for why that day is celebrated across regions in India differ, however, what remains as a dominant theme is a triumph of good over evil, light over darkness.

The Lotus: The story and symbolization behind the Puranik Foundation’s logo

The lotus flower is a fascinating flower that is used, admired, and even revered in many cultures, particularly in Asia. It is obviously a beautiful flower to look at, but its cultural importance is due to far more significant and interesting reasons.

Indian Street Food - Pani Puri

Whether you call it pani puri or gol gappe, phuchke, or pani ka pataasha- the origins of what could be India’s favorite street food snack are somewhat unclear. Who invented it, where and when, is a mystery.

3 Generations of Puranik Women

Mamaji - Mamaji comes from a humble background, she was born in Thane, youngest in her family with the biggest dreams.

Cammie's Letter Studying Abroad

"Thank you for the most wonderful opportunity to travel Pune, India last month with the Puranik foundation!"


Every child has a dream and education enables those dreams.

Yoga, Artz & Brunch Educator’s Empowerment Event Highlight

This experience included an all levels yoga class, a three course plant based brunch, live music and booths from local artists.