Introducing mindfulness to the classroom.

This program introduces students to mindfulness techniques and ways to cope with the ever-changing world. With anxiety and depression levels at an all-time high, learning ways to connect with the self becomes more important than ever. The Puranik Foundation is working with the Yoga Alliance to provide mindfulness clubs at 5 high schools. Giving yoga teachers volunteer hours and students the opportunity to explore yoga, meditation, and coaching in the classroom.

  • ONCE A WEEK: SEL & mindfulness activities in class
  • ONCE A MONTH: Local volunteer event
  • ONCE A YEAR: Weekend Team building & nature exploration Date TBD

Course Curriculum


Puranik Foundation is collaborating with local yoga teachers to introduce yoga and meditation practice to the classroom. Allowing students to reduce their anxiety and tension, bring awareness to emotional regulation, and increase physical well-being! This practice will start with beginner levels and build as the year goes on.


Partnering with life coaches and local business executives, the program will pair students with mentors that will guide students to explore their professional and personal development.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum follows a three-pillar approach that revolves around the self, community, and environment and how individuals can explore this further by creating a safe space for learning. Our SEL content will allow students to build their skills in; stress management, organization, goal setting, relationship building, social awareness, problem-solving, decision making, collaboration, and teamwork.


Once a month students have the opportunity to volunteer through service learning activities to give back to their local communities, team build, and learn more about themselves and each other. Events will include tree plantation, bayou clean up and immersive sound bowl experiences.

For questions please call +1 832 806 1317 or email [email protected]