How Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Impacts the Classroom

SEL social-emotional learning can have a significant impact on the classroom environment. When students feel safe, supported, and connected to their peers, they are more likely to engage in learning and be successful in school. SEL helps students develop essential skills like empathy and problem-solving that they can use in the classroom and beyond.

When teachers create a positive and supportive classroom environment, they help foster a love of learning in their students. SEL provides the framework for teachers by teaching them how to build relationships with their students and creating opportunities for students to interact with each other. When students feel like they belong in the classroom, they are more likely to take risks and try new things.

SEL also helps students develop essential life skills they can use in and out of the classroom. Skills like empathy, communication, and problem-solving are essential for success in school and life. By teaching these skills early on, we can help set our students up for success both now and in the future.

The Puranik Foundation is implementing an SEL curriculum based on the realization of Self, Community, and Environment, which builds a holistic approach to education in the classroom. Students tune into the Self as they work through stress management, goal setting, and emotional awareness. The Community aspect focuses on relationship building and community awareness as we collaborate monthly with local organizations like Urban Harvest for tree plantation, Buffalo Bayou Park cleanup, guided meditation, and sound healing at the Cistern. The final component is living in harmony with our environment that empowers student leadership skills through problem-solving, decision- making, and collaboration.

This program begins in five HISD High School’s Fall 2022. We hope to build our community through meaningful connections and experiences that uplift our next generation of leaders by creating a safe space for student growth, both personally and professionally.

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