VILC Graduating 12th Grade
Class of 2022

Inspired by the vast landscape of lush mountains of Pune, India and a deep purpose-driven calling to educate those in need, Vision International Learning School was founded by Rekha Puranik aka Mamaji in 1998.

Mamaji on starting VILC

In India, education is expensive and opportunities are limited for both girls and boys. Families prioritize having their children work to bring in an additional income than attending school. This results in a repeated trend of lack of education and financial instability.

The Puranik Foundation’s mission is to break this cycle of illiteracy and poverty by providing opportunities for children by taking the responsibility of growing the next generation through a well-rounded, holistic curriculum.

Our institution is completely free for girls and highly subsidized for boys in order to encourage families to choose education over child labor. We offer private grade academic instruction for grades K-12. Students also receive living quarters, meals, uniforms, and enrichment training in mindfulness, critical thinking, and leadership.

Seated on 27-acres of land, the school is fully sustained by using alternative technologies like solar, biogas and water retention & recycling systems to protect and preserve nature. Students engage in these sustainable practices and learn how to reduce their carbon footprint and preserve their beautiful surroundings.

Over the past 20 years, more than 200 students have leveraged the knowledge and skills gained at Vision International Learning Center to positively impact their family and community.

Hearing our student success stories of generational impact, opportunities for post graduate education and careers fuel our commitment to provide a holistic education grounded in service, leadership to anyone in need.

For questions please call +1 832 806 1317 or email [email protected]


Student impact stories & testimonials to breaking the cycle of illiteracy VILC

Laxmi’s Story

One of the first students to start and graduate at VILC, Laximi started at the age of 12. Originally from South of India, her parents worked on the foundation campus while both Laximi and her sister attended VILC and learned English.

Laxmi graduated with flying colors and made our school proud. The following summer, Laxmi visited her village and then returned to our campus with a sudden news of her marriage.

The staff hoped Laxmi would go to college and continue her education and were a bit disheartened by the news. As a mother says goodbye to her daughter when the daughter weds into a family, so too we thought we would lose that connection with Laxmi as she embarked on her new life as a married woman.

However, the following summer when Laxmi came to visit the school, she’s welcomed with hugs and laughs! She humbly approached the founder, Mamaji, with a unique request.

“Do you think you can donate some books to me?” Laxmi asked.

Mamaji responded, “Sure, but what kind of books and for what purpose?”

“Well, I know a few kids in the village and they love listening to stories, just like I did as a child and you would teach us through stories. I would like to do the same in my village,” Laxmi explained.

Mamaji, teary-eyed at the request, felt proud of the impact Laxmi would have, just as each student would have in their own houses and their own communities, to make a difference in the world.


VILC Class of 2020

Congratulations to our Vision International Graduating Class of 2020! We are extremely proud, and cannot wait to see what your futures have in store

Campus Supply Needs List

The education of students at Vision International Learning Center (VILC) has been affected by COVID-19. Since March 2020, students have not been able to adequately learn due to a lack of technology and resources to learn from home properly.

Puranik Foundation aims to raise $25,000 by the end of 2023 to fund 100 tablets that will enable students to continue their education! We have raised $15,000 so far, and have $10,000 to go!

There are several ways to get involved by helping to spread the word through your social network or making a donation here. You can also send school supplies directly to our office:

Puranik Foundation
3773 Richmond Ave. Suite 220
Houston, TX 77027, United States

Support from generous donors like you allow us to continue trailblazing a new method of education - one that embodies nature, mindfulness, service, and leadership.

A donation of any kind goes a long way in supporting this mission - The ability to solve this problem will be strengthened with your support and contribution. Please contact [email protected] today!

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