Yoga, Artz & Brunch Educator’s Empowerment Event Highlight

The scent of nishigandha incense filled the open-air rooftop space as everyone took a collective deep breath and let out a relaxed sigh. We were at Yoga, Artz and Brunch Educator’s Empowerment, an event to honor teachers at Rise Rooftop in Houston, Texas. Led by Yogi Chef Jordan Dunn-Rigel.

..this experience included an all levels yoga class, a three course plant based brunch, live music and booths from local artists.

As attendees filed into this beautiful bright space and laid out their yoga mats, vendors were setting up tables filled with natural lotions, plants, crystals, jewelry and henna. Sponsored by Puranik Foundation, the yoga practice, that was both strengthening and relaxing, was followed by a powerful meditation moment that was led by Rani Puranik, chairman of the Puranik Foundation and longtime life coach.

While sweat dried and smiles appeared, people filtered to benches to eat banana bread while RJSH, a local musician, performed his original works.

The attendees simply could not walk away without a moment to, so after RJSH finished his set, the group was led through a mindfulness activity which involved a jar to settle in calm anxious thoughts and feelings.

While the main course, a quinoa breakfast hash, was passed out, everyone had a chance to visit the multiple vendors, visit with the other participants and get a beautiful henna tattoo.

The successful morning ended with an opportunity to express thankful thoughts in paint on a huge blank canvas, mango

Chia seed pudding and pictures to remember.

Puranik Foundation Hosted this event to thank and honor teachers for making it through this unprecedented year. With the goal of providing a space to find peace in both body and mind, it is safe to say these educators were able to grant themselves the opportunity to receive the love they so often give out. A special thank you to Rani Puranik, Jordan Dunn-Rigel and his team for helping throw this wonderful event.