Every child has a dream and education enables those dreams.

Education empowers young minds to expand the horizons of their knowledge and challenges their abilities, giving them the confidence and the skills to achieve their goals.

The challenge from the global pandemic dampens these dreams by stalling their education. As schools close their doors to shift from physical classrooms to virtual ones, under-resourced communities continue to be greatly impacted without access to technology and resources.

Puranik Foundation owns and operates Vision International Learning Center (VILC) in Pune, India. Founded by Mrs. Puranik aka Mamaji, the matriarch of the Puranik family, our mission is to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty by providing education and exposure to global learning for underserved children.

While we have overcome many challenges in the school’s history, the COVID-19 pandemic widens the digital divide and prevents our students from continuing their education that will lift them from the cycle of illiteracy.

Our students have worked hard in their studies to realize their dreams. However, technology - once considered a luxury - is now a necessity. All of our students are without the tools to transition to a new, virtual world of learning. While eager to learn and committed to their studies, they face a widening gap because of their lack of resources.

Supporting our students’ dreams means providing them with a way to continue their education. We need to provide each student with a tablet and accessories (keypad, case, screen protector and insurance) to learn virtually.

We started the Devices for Dreams campaign to ask for your help to equip the 100 students with tools for the future, to become the future. Donating $250 is an investment in one of our students, their dreams, and future students to come.

Each of our students will use their education from VILC as a launchpad to pursue their aspirations. Below are VILC who shared their dreams and what they are hoping to become because of your help:

Technology has the means to empower people and we believe it’s time that we put the power in each child’s hands.

We need your help to achieve our goal to help these young minds achieve theirs. Help Sabuarbh, Yashraj and Srushti achieve their dreams by supporting Devices for Dreams today.


The Puranik Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides educational opportunities that open minds, stimulate holistic perspectives and inspire transformation. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law and will go directly to ensuring Vision International students can continue their education in 2021 and beyond. The Puranik Foundation’s tax-deductible number is EIN 46-5727888.