Mindfulness Moments in Schools

Mindfulness Moments bring peace and connection to self, community and environment. The Puranik Foundation created this new program to

build a space for educators to come together and experience self-love and harmony through yoga and meditation.

The Ascending to Men project educators were able to experience this for themselves, as Puranik Foundation hosted a session at the Ryan Professional Center. This group develops mentoring relationships for young males across HISD. They are currently serving over 65 schools and over 2000 boys, with a mission to leverage community resources and mentorship to ensure that their students from historically underserved demographics can enter the college, military branch or career of their choice upon graduation from HISD.

Starting with a yoga practice and meditation, led by Puranik Foundation’s managing director, Bhakti Salunkhe, the space was transformed into a relaxing atmosphere to breathe and allow peace to fill the body and mind as the soft hum of singing bowls were gently surrounding the room.

While the additional scent of lavender diffused into the space, all senses were involved, and the morning then moved into a short writing time. The ATM men were prompted to answer certain reflective questions in a journal that was given to them. Finally, the event wrapped up with a moment to share their thoughts as well as repeat some very strong affirmations together.

Nothing will hold me back. Not my past, not my failures or any insecurities that come my way. I have peace and I will protect my peace!

Puranik Foundation appreciates educators and cherishes the work they do to empower the next generation. This program was curated for them to unwind, bring awareness to the now and give their body and mind the love that they so often give out. When they are at their best, they can give their best.

If you or your organization are interested in having Puranik Foundation come host a Mindfulness Moment for you, please contact