Global Connect

Puranik Foundation graduates its inaugural class of Global Connect Leadership Interns

Twenty- five Global Connect Leadership Interns joined in as the Puranik Foundation inaugural class on July 28th and graduated as Global Citizens with a more holistic perspective of the world around them.

The Puranik Foundation hosted their first ever Global Connect Virtual Internship. The program ran for three weeks via Zoom. Participants learned from leading industry professionals through key note speeches and mentorships on topics such as Culture, Restorative Justice, and Leadership Development. Each week, Global Connect Interns had the opportunity to openly discuss relevant topics and collaborate on how these topics not only affect themselves, but their communities. Interns were able to were able to gain new insights into others’ perspectives, as well as engage in activities to further their learning experience.

Over the course of the internship, participants not only expanded their knowledge during each lecture series, but also presented final capstone projects to show how to apply what they learned in the real world. Global Connect Interns chose topics they were passionate about and dove deeper into them. Project subject matter ranged from current events, pop culture, travel, and mindfulness to how COVID-19 has affect students. Projects were presented to a panel of judges, who included some of our key note speakers. This provided Interns with a collegiate level experience of a research symposium that they may not have been exposed to yet.

As a program dedicated to authentic discussions, we provided students with a safe space to openly discuss their opinions on current events and respectfully debate topics. Global Connect Interns emerged from our program having obtained the necessary tools to rise to the occasion as the next generation of leaders in their own respective communities.