Energy Project-Alternative Power Generation Group

Elijah Gonzales, Victoria Long, Julian Hobday Urban Wind Farms is making vertical axis wind turbines with solar panels attached to harness both wind and solar energy. It uses both solar and wind power as ways to draw power, it is urban-friendly, and it can help support low-income families.

Energy Project-Sustainable Water Use Group

Alyssa Landry, Kajal Zachariah, Nils Triplett WaterWorks is a customizable water recapture system that is designed to work with all plants to help consumers minimize water consumption.

Energy Project-Urban Design Group

Sruthi Zachariah, Anthony Walker, Noah Baker Our company, GHOST (Gondolas of Houston’s Sustainable Transportation), is developing a better means of transportation to help Houstonians maintain mobility in highly congested areas by providing an enjoyable, dynamic, and dependable travel experience.

Energy Project-Sustainable Consumption Group

Alexander Hernandez, Otto Mallinson, Brendan Kaiser Karot uses your fish-best friends to help grow produce and decorative flora using an affordable, water- sustainable, and beautiful home aquaponics system. Our product is a PVC-based aquaponics system that attaches to your home aquarium, recycling the waste from your fish to fertilize the plants, letting both your fish and plants grow healthier, faster, and tastier.

Energy Project-Waste Management Group

Keira Boone, Alex Rashidian Our company, Prototype Greens, is developing an algae- based air scrubber and biodiesel system to help small to large companies and real estate developers produce less CO2 emissions and claim tax credits with a simple, customizable algae-based system.